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Our Kids Marketing Academy

The world’s digital and media landscape is evolving and changing at breakneck speeds. We understand, and we’re continuously working to ensure our marketing and communication channels connect with the right audience and generate the best results for our members.

The Marketing Academy is designed specifically to share insights, expertise, and best practices that will improve your market performance, in the short and long term.

With over 21 years of experience in advertising, marketing, branding, publishing and an intimate knowledge of your industry, we’re able to bring you best practices, case studies, and useable tips.

As part of your Our Kids membership, you receive year-long access to the Marketing Academy. 

Live Events

Held annually, our Lunch & Learn workshops feature two hot-topic seminars with industry professionals, combined with a networking lunch. Meet with, collaborate and connect with your peers from other schools and camps in your area. Events are held in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver


We host regular live webinars which bring you up-to-date trends, forecasts, and actionable insights focused on marketing and communications.

Topics we covered in the past:

▶ How to evaluate your marketing results?

▶ Google analytics tips and tricks

▶ Best practices in using Linkedin for outreach

▶ Social media management

▶ Content creation

▶ Marketing automation and artificial intelligence

Tools (coming soon)

A library of quick reference tools, including case studies, SEO checklists, social strategy guides, preferred vendors, and more. 

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